‘Lords of Carbon’

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For its 40th anniversary, Belotti has created a documentary in collaboration with Drive Experience, the creative media team of Davide Cironi, to trace the history and trends of carbon fibre and composite technologies in the motor racing and supercar sectors.

In 2019, Belotti SpA celebrated its 40th anniversary developing and producing advanced cutting machines for composites, light alloys and plastics. Specifically, Belotti’s core business is about CNC machining centres for the automotive, aerospace, rail and marine sectors. Internationally well-known brands in the luxury and upmarket automotive industry and also in the motorsports sector choose Belotti solutions to create extremely precise and performance focused components. Both performance and passion form the key alliance in Belotti DNA, reflecting the strong relation with the racing and automotive world. For this reason, the company decided to create this dream to celebrate its 40th birthday: producing a video documentary able to tell the passionate and amazing story of composites in the motorsports and supercars.

‘Lords of Carbon’ is the title of this heritage project commissioned by Belotti and directed by Davide Cironi. The strong passion for motors, which bonds the Belotti’s CEO, Umberto Belotti, and this young journalist and media creator with over 90 million views on his YouTube channel and a community of about 350.000 people, lays at the core of this collaboration.
The Drive Experience crew travelled around Europe during the last year, in order to meet some of the greatest protagonists of the sports and supercars’ history. The documentary is actually an inclusive work where the spectator can hear the true, real stories of some of the most important people living and shaping the sector, especially by introducing and applying composite materials for the first time or in pretty innovative ways.

The past-present-future timeline of the story follows the voices of designers, engineers and founders of important brands such as Dallara, Gordon Murray Design, Lamborghini and Pagani in the international automotive establishment, but also Koenigsegg and Rimac as the new generation pushing the boundaries of the applied composite technologies nowadays, and CPC Group and Formaplex as well-know, extremely skilled suppliers. Also, F1 driver, Jean Alesi, gives his contribution from the point of view of an experienced racing driver.

The documentary’s go-live date is set for Friday afternoon, 6th of November 2020, on the YouTube channel of Davide Cironi, and it will be promoted on all Drive Experience and Belotti social media. “We hope this documentary will reach the largest possible audience and thrill not just car lovers, because it’s a true story made with positive values. Many of us know, or would like to learn about the history of sports and supercars, but not many of us actually have the chance to discover the little stories behind the scenes.

“With Davide, we really wanted to create a sort of friendly atmosphere, where these important people could feel free to tell us about their real lives’ experiences. We hope that, by watching it, people will get the feeling that they could actually be themselves in front of Gordon Murray, Giampaolo Dallara or Horacio Pagani, for example,” says Serena Rigon, Marketing & Communications Manager of Belotti.

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