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The constant strive for improvement has resulted in the latest generation of the Maka MK7 model. Originally launched in 2005, the MK7 is the company’s best-selling model, and is employed in an immense variety of applications, machining chair arms, plastic mouldings, composites, model boards, and even aluminium chassis parts for Audi and AMG. The MK7 can be found in many leading OEMs, as well as small workshops worldwide.
The improvements are more than cosmetic. Intelligently configured working units, along with simpler, faster mechanical parts, and higher level of control, make the new MK7 even more flexible, easier to use, more robust, more precise, safer and faster.
Managing Director, Iain Young, explains: “As the range of applications and wealth of options have grown, so had the cost. With the new MK7, we have combined the most beneficial and universally demanded modules into one complete, and compact 5-axis CNC machine. The result is the essence of Maka: Higher performance, without compromise or complication, total reliability and is very affordable.”
The MK7 has a 5-axis usable capacity of 2,100 x 1,100 x 650 mm, and can even process panels up to 2.4 m long. Iain Young continues: “This improves the MK7’s universal appeal, providing more flexibility, higher capacity and performance, ideal for both high-volume and small batch production, even for small jobbing shops.”
Positional accuracy is 0.1 mm, and linear axis speeds of up to 60 m/min with acceleration rates of 5 m/sec2 mean even the largest workpieces can be processed efficiently. Control comes from the popular Siemens 840D for full 5-axis simultaneous machining.
The company’s own Power-Maka spindles also feature as standard, providing greater power, flexibility, precision, speed, and reliability. Spindles can be specified up to 37,000 rpm and users experience an extremely long service life. Plus, with Maka’s new Galaxie drives, the 5-axis head runs faster and stronger, providing greater precision, stability, zero-backlash, and cutting power to the Power-Maka head.
Safety features include fully enclosed powered doors with safety built-in, that make this compact machine even more accessible for setting and maintenance, making working easier, quicker and safer. Integral floor and extraction makes maintenance easier too.
While tools are checked automatically for length, and breakages, eliminating costly mistakes, the 20+ tool changing station can now be accessed from outside the machine in complete safety.
For pure Trimming applications, the new MK7 can also be supplied with the Maka DFM spindle, with two exits (for zero tool changing time, and maximum feed rates). This spindle is already well-known and highly appreciated by many vacuum formers. The DFM features a very compact yet long-reach water-cooled 6 kW motor, running up to 27,000 rpm, ideal for maximising material removal rates. Head rotation is very fast too, so feedrates and cycle times are never compromised.
The new package provides better value for money says the company as a development it is a natural progression of tried and tested bespoke systems. Iain Young concludes: “It’s highly attractive and totally convincing. The first machine will soon be producing interior components for one of the world’s leading marques here in the UK.
“Comparisons with previous generations of 5-axis trimming machines has proven the MK7 with the DFM head can reduce cycle times by as much as 40%. So, your running costs, and especially maintenance costs, can be improved significantly with this Maka.”

Further reading: www.maka.com


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