UK premiere for new tooling lines

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At MACH 2018, Mapal (Stand H17-420) will demonstrate why its global sales are continuing to rise through the ongoing development of innovative new product lines. The manufacturer of precision tools will be using the exhibition to give a complete range of new products their UK premiere.
At the UK’s showpiece manufacturing event, Mapal will introduce its new c-COM cloud-based data platform as well as launching its extended hole-making line. The arrival of the new CPR500/510 replaceable head reamer will be a centrepiece of the hole-making series with its optimised cooling channels. The new CVD coated reamers will significantly extend tool life as the solid carbide replaceable heads introduce a new coating technology that has been especially developed for cast machining.
Offered in diameters from 8 to 40 mm, a new development of the CPR500/510 is its optimised cooling sleeve. The issue of cooling is critical for cast machining due to the abrasive nature of the material. This is now resolved through the internal coolant supply and the outlets that direct fluid at the cutting edges.
Complementing the new reaming line will be a complete programme of ISO indexable inserts for boring steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant cast-steel. This new ISO indexable insert series will be available as standard or as special designs. The new product line incorporates new PVD and CVD coating developments and an optimised carbide substrate that permits users to find the best-fit solution for specific applications.
In 2016, the company defined a new standard in drilling with its Tritan-Drill range. The drills with three cutting edges were extended at EMO 2017 in Hanover, with a specially adapted version for machining steel. This new line will make its UK show debut at MACH 2018. With the new Tritan-Drill-Steel, cost-effective hole-making with reliability and process stability is now a reality. The stability of the Tritan-Drill-Steel is due to the completely new design of cutting edge that is different to the universal use Tritan-Drill-Uni.
For manufacturers looking for innovative milling solutions at MACH, Mapal will be extending its programme of solid carbide high-performance milling cutters for roughing applications with the new OptiMill-Uni-Wave. This full slot milling series makes a groove depth of up to 2xD possible. With the new milling cutter that can be used for many materials, the level of performance is significantly increased compared with previous existing HPC milling cutters.
To achieve this, Mapal has developed a highly ductile carbide substrate with an extremely wear-resistant coating and special edge preparation of the cutter. These developments generate 50 per cent longer tool life than comparable HPC milling cutters. The five cutting edges of the OptiMill-Uni-Wave are divided unevenly, and the new line will be available in short, long, overlong and extra-long sizes in the HB shank form with a diameter range from 4 to 25 mm.
For face milling operations, MACH will see the UK arrival of a new generation of milling tools for cutting depths up to 4 mm. With replaceable PCD milling cartridges, the new PowerMill-Blue is the cutter of choice when machining aluminium in the automotive industry. The setting and clamping system of the milling inserts have proven beyond compare while the chip guiding geometry has been optimised for the new series. The chips are reliably removed resulting in better surface finishes whilst the coolant outlet is localised in the milling cassette to support swarf evacuation.
As well as these exciting new product lines, Mapal will be introducing a host of other new developments such as the new features of the Unibase-M tool storage and management system.

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